How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

depressed manMany people ask the question, “How much does a divorce cost?” This is a difficult question to answer when one or both of the people are uncooperative, emotional or not ready to settle the issues in their divorce.  Divorces always cost more money when one or both of the couple is not ready to get divorced. However, when both people are ready, or both are willing to work toward resolving issues together, the cost of the divorce can easily be determined. Mediation can work very well for this type of couple. Our TeamWorks program offers a service that provides affordable assistance to help you file your divorce, and you can easily predict the cost!

How much does a divorce cost when two people cooperate and work together? When they use the TeamWorks Mediation process, and they have children, they will pay two fees. The first fee they pay is the current Petitioner’s Court filing fee. The second fee is to TeamWorks, for filing and preparation of the paperwork for the divorce. The fee for a couple, with children 18 years or younger is $1700.  And if you have no children, you pay the same Petitioner’s Court filing fee, plus  the TeamWorks fee of $1400.00.

How much does a divorce cost when you both can work together? Our TeamWorks system gives people control over their settlement and keeps their money in their own pockets. Other fees you may need to consider paying might be to another attorney if you want them to review your final settlement before we file it with the courts. Other fees might include hiring a service to divide your retirement plans, which may require a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. We can refer you to a service that can do that for you. Another fee you might pay would be to any professionals involved in helping you reach a settlement such as a tax attorney, financial planner, business attorney or a child development expert, who would assist you with child sharing ideas.

How much does a divorce cost when you use the TeamWorks process is easy to predict. You make an appointment with our family law attorney, Jefferson Stacer, and send in the intake questionnaire. Our Legal Assistant, Julia, will then prepare the paperwork for filing and will have it ready for your appointment with Mr. Stacer. He will go through all of the court forms and the worksheets that include your division of debts, assets, real estate, furnishing, child sharing and personal belongings, and help you work out your divorce divisions. You will walk away from this meeting with a draft of your settlement, and homework to complete that will help you finalize your case, as well as answer any of your financial questions.

How much does a divorce cost when you use TeamWorks is easily answered when you leave the meeting, with your draft in  hand, and you know what the questions are that you need to get answers to. You then complete your paperwork, fill out the financial forms, get your worksheets notorized, and return these forms to our office for review and compilation. Once your settlement is ready to go to court, we will send it for you for filing, and return it to you, once it is filed and completed. It is the best way to get a divorce in San Diego and it is very affordable and convenient.

To answer your questions, “How much does a divorce cost in San Diego?” It can be under $2000 for the entire case, when you use our TeamWorks process and let us guide you through all of the forms and paperwork to get it done right. If you have questions, you can attend our free bi-monthly workshops as many times as you want, to get your questions answered. And if you need additional guidance, that is beyond the scope of the workshop, you can make an additional appointment with Mr. Stacer, at a reduced rate.

How much does a divorce cost can be really expensive, full of delays, emotional ups and down, and take forever, if two people have not moved through the emotional roller coaster of pain, sadness, anger and loneliness, and haven’t reached acceptance about getting a divorce. We can help you with the timing of the divorce, and tell you when to take action, get if filedupset woman and move it through the court system, to get the clock ticking, help you use the time to resolve the other issues, and complete the paperwork. Divorce is not fun, it is never anyone’s dream, however, if your life is not working with your mate, and you want to get out with the least amount of cost and delays, the TeamWorks process is perfect for you. We want to help you build your new life without unnecessary costs or delays. Set an appointment today or attend a free workshop to get your questions answered.

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