Are Divorce Mediation Agreements Binding?

Are divorce mediation agreements binding in California? In a divorce mediation in California, when a divorce mediation is properly drafted it can be binding if the agreement provides for it to bind the parties. This agreement may be used outside of the mediation. The problem is that under California law, everything that goes on with […]

What happens at a Team Works Workshop?

Q: I want to do mediation. How do I start? A: Can you two talk and work together? Yes; I charge $1500 for the mediation + court filing fees. We take care of filing the case, we help you with the declaration of disclosure process, and then we work on the settlement and come up […]

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

Many people ask the question, “How much does a divorce cost?” This is a difficult question to answer when one or both of the people are uncooperative, emotional or not ready to settle the issues in their divorce.  Divorces always cost more money when one or both of the couple is not ready to get […]

How To Get A Divorce – Questions About Divorce and Mediation

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about getting a divorce and mediation people want to know. We will answer these questions and more at our FREE Bi-Monthly workshops.

What To Do If You Want To Divorce A Difficult Person

Do you think your mate will fight your divorce all the way? Are you considering a divorce but you know your mate may be difficult to work with?  If you know they may fight you every step of the way through the divorce filing and settlement process, you should first learn everything you can  about […]

Affordable Divorce Mediation and Court Filing in San Diego

San Diego Affordable TeamWorks Divorce Mediation and Court Forms Filing is a great way to avoid unnecessary and costly court litigation. The TeamWorks Divorce Mediation and court filing program offers couples a very affordable way to file their own court case. We help you complete your divorce case and the paperwork, also called your Marital Settlement […]

How Does Team Works Divorce Mediation and Court Forms and Filing Services Work?

At your initial meeting with Team Works divorce mediator, Jefferson Stacer, Family Law Attorney, will help you resolve your case, answering your questions and providing you with worksheets and court forms that you and your mate will use to settle your divorce case. You will also sign the paperwork to get your case filed. When […]

FREE San Diego Divorce Help, Information, Mediation and Court Filing of Forms Workshops

Team Works Mediation and Divorce Court Filing Services offers two FREE workshops a month to help you with your divorce, debts division, and child custody and child sharing questions.  At these workshops, family law attorney, Jefferson Stacer volunteers his time to answer your family law questions. You may come as many times to the workshops to […]

What Is Divorce Mediation? We Can Help You With Your Divorce Case!

Mediation is a process in which a trained, neutral third party, helps the couple/persons involved in a family breakup to  isolate their issues, then negotiate and create an agreement they will both support and accept. With the Team Works Mediation system, you will meet with Attorney Stacer, to go through the forms to settle your […]

Other Services Co-Sponsored by Team Works Divorce Mediation

Team Works Divorce Mediation and Court Filing also co-sponsors a Coparenting Parent Education Program for parents involved in custody conflicts. We offer in-person courses and online coparenting courses. There are six and twelve week coparenting courses designed to help parents learn the skills to end their custody disputes with techniques to protect their children. Dr. Deena Stacer […]