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Co-Parenting Courses - Mother With Daughter

Parents who are in conflict over child custody, who are involved in a litigious custody fight, or need child custody help need to learn how the court system works and how to get out of the court system as soon as possible to end the fight.

The High-Conflict Intervention and Coparenting Program focuses on strategies to reduce the conflict with the other parent and it helps parents learn how to create a closer connection to the children.  The High-Conflict Intervention and Coparenting Parent Education Program meets over Zoom every Tuesday night.

The class meets from 6:45 p.m. to 9 p.m. The cost is $50 a week.  If you bring a support person to the class, you pay only $70.00 for both of you to attend.  A support person can be a new mate, spouse or family member.  We do not let both parents attend the class on the same nights.

Co-parenting intervention classes Father With ChildrenThe classes are designed to help you learn how to disengage from the other parent so that you can focus your attention of being "with" your children, when you are around them, instead of distracted by the fight.

We also teach you how to help your children heal from the pain of a breakup, how to protect them so they are not harmed by a parent who may be emotionally abusive or focused on getting them to take sides.  We teach you how to create a very close relationship with your children and strategies to create family memories that last a lifetime.

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To attend the online Conflictual Coparenting Courses, go to  Read about strategies to end conflict with a difficult coparent at  To learn more about Dr. Deena Stacer, click link to read her Curriculum Vitae.

Common Elements Found In High Conflict Cases

  • Frequent court litigation or disputes over child sharing issues
  • Physical violence, intimidation, stalking or allegations of abuse, aggression, abuse, harassment or threats
  • Continuous and chronic co-parenting difficulties
  • One parent is unable or unwilling to protect the children from the conflict
  • One parent encourages the children to side with them
  • One parent is unable to separate the children’s needs from their own needs
  • One parent is unable or unwilling to move away from conflict to build a new life
  • One parent refuses to share the children with the other parent
  • One parent has created a negative reputation with the court professionals

Online Coparenting Course

High Conflict Intervention & Co-Parenting Classes

The Course Rules and Overview

  • Conflicting parents do not attend together
  • Child care not available at class
  • Parents court ordered to attend will alternate Tuesdays to complete program
  • There is a Certificate of completion after attending the 12 week course
  • Cost of each class is $50.00 per class/per person. One parent plus support person who attends is $70.00.
  • Court ordered and non-court ordered parents may attend

Classes are facilitated by Dr. Deena Stacer (PhD), International Parent Educator, Founder and Director of the program.

Email Dr. Deena Stacer at or visit to learn more about the online parenting courses. Learn how to protect the children and end the conflict with the other parent.  The course includes a guidebook filled with articles on strategies to end conflict and connect with the children.