Grandparent Rights

Grandparent RightsGrandparent’s rights involve the rights to custody and visitation of biological grandchildren. There may be a situation where there is an absent parent, from death, disinterest or disability (physical or related to substance abuse). A US Supreme Court case did great damage to the notion of grandparents rights some years ago, and the changes in the laws have generally focused upon a child’s needs to maintain a bonded relationship with their grandparents.

Most issues of grandparent’s visitation arises when their relationship with the other parent has diminished or become hostile and they are no longer allowed to have contact with their grandchildren. This is a very difficult situation that requires education, finesse and perhaps court action.

Most grandparent’s visitation issues today will be related more to educating the grandparents on what they can do with their grandchildren. Dr. Deena Stacer provides classes may offer to mediate a child sharing issue with the parent and the grandparents if both parties agree.