What To Do If You Want To Divorce A Difficult Person

Do you think your mate will fight your divorce all the way?

Are you considering a divorce but you know your mate may be difficult to work with?  If you know they may fight you every step of the way through the divorce filing and settlement process, you should first learn everything you can  about what to expect from the court system,and what you can do before you file your case.

Many times one person is done with the marriage, while the other one is either clueless about what is going on, or they refuse to cooperate with you and move through the process. This may or may not make sense to you because they may have either been disengaged from the relationship for some time (and you think they want out) or they are only blame you for all of their difficulties, and they won’t let you go of you.

We have a saying that is often true for difficult cases. It says, “If you love something, let it go… but, if it doesn’t come back, then hunt it down and kill it!”  What this means for you is that just when you think the other person is not interested in being with you, or they are so mean to you, and you file for divorce in California, the other person refuses to cooperate. This means, your case will be more expensive to resolve and it will take a lot longer than normal for you to resolve your case.

If both people are ready to end the marriage, it is very simple to fill out the forms and get the process filed, settled and ended. If however, one of the people is not willing or ready to end the marriage, for whatever reason, the process will be difficult. If you fit the “difficult”criteria, you will need to learn what you can do to set up the case before you file it. You will need to learn how you can move the difficult person forward so you can get the process done without the agony and unnecessary expense of a case like this. You can start to gain knowledge by coming to our FREE bi-monthly workshops, to learn new techniques to help you set up the breakup before you actually do the breakup. You can learn how to prepare the children, set money aside to move your case along, figure out how you will financially survive (if that is an issue for you) and you will learn how to start protecting the children and yourself from unnecessary conflict.

The team at TeamWorks has the expertise to help you learn these strategies. We want you to be smart, before you leap, especially into a giant mess that may consume your mind and your heart, costing you energy, time and lots of your hard earned money. Get smart first-before you file.

Contact us to schedule an appointment at 858-675-9225 or attend our FREE TeamWorks workshops to learn the strategies to prepare for your divorce from a difficult person. We will save you time, money and heartache.

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