How Does Team Works Divorce Mediation and Court Forms and Filing Services Work?

At your initial meeting with Team Works divorce mediator, Jefferson Stacer, Family Law Attorney, will help you resolve your case, answering your questions and providing you with worksheets and court forms that you and your mate will use to settle your divorce case. You will also sign the paperwork to get your case filed.

When the paper works comes back from court, we will serve your spouse by U.S. mail or in person. This starts the clock ticking for your divorce to begin and your marital status to end. After this meeting with Mr. Stacer, you and your mate will complete the final draft of your worksheets and paperwork you received during your meeting. When completed, you will return these to our staff, along with additional information that will then become your customized Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) or Divorce Decree.

You may attend as many of the FREE bi-monthly TeamWorks Divorce Information, Mediation and Court forms filing workshops to get additional questions answered or you may schedule additional meetings with Mr. Stacer (you will be charged for these appointments) if you need specific questions answered that cannot be answered in a group environement. You will also get your MSA notorized prior to returning these forms to our office. Mr. Stacer will review your worksheets and MSA prior to sending your final paperwork to the court house for filing. When we receive the paperwork back from the courts, we will send you a complete copy for your records.

You are both welcome to attend the workshops for as long as you have questions that you need answered.  You may bring a support friend or family member to the FREE Bi-monthly workshops to support you.

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Stacer Family Law Team

At Stacer Law, we offer family law help with Divorce, Child Custody, Child and Spousal Support, Debt and Property Division, and Division of a Family Business. Jefferson L. Stacer has been practicing law in San Diego since 1979.