Why don’t we just hire attorneys and litigate?

Litigation can be very costly both financially and emotionally. Preparing for a trial is time consuming as well as expensive, and the outcome may not be favorable to either side. Often, couples who have attorneys recognize that their case may be pending for months while they live in break-up limbo.

Working on an agreement through mediation can often bypass the costly court litigation and limbo so the parties can get on with their lives. Mediation, can assist with this agreement.

By using mediation to resolve money and support issues, division of property assets and debts and to establish positive child sharing schedules, (that are in the child’s best interest), your case can get resolved faster and the agreement can be supported by both of you. Court litigation expenses mount very quickly, rapidly depleting your resources or pushing you into significant debt. These are monies or resources that can instead be used to pay off debts, pay for therapy, buy a house and pay for college rather than on preparing for or experiencing litigation.