Do we need family law attorneys to file our divorce court forms?

The basic Team Works divorce mediation package is designed to assist couples with the filing of their divorce and child sharing/ child custody modification.  The couple usually agrees to share equally in the costs and court fees incurred during the course of mediation.  Court filing fees are in addition to mediation fees and are paid separately to the Superior Court.  Our basic mediation services package and costs are described as follows:

Court Filing Fees:  $395 for Petitioner’s filing fee. (This filing fee is paid to the Court Clerk and is subject to change by the court.)

Team Works Basic Divorce Mediation Package without children is:  $1250.

Team Works Basic Divorce Mediation Package with children is:  $1500.

This includes the following:

  • Initial 1.5 to 2 hour single or joint mediation (one or both members of the couple attend);
  • Preparation and filing of Court Forms and cooperative service upon Respondent;
  • Preparation of complete Marital Settlement Agreement (does not include retirement account joinder and division or other property transfer documents such as DMVtransfer forms);
  • Filing of Marital Settlement Agreement/Judgment papers;
  • Additional Services: Should additional mediation, further revisions to the Marital Settlement Agreement and/or educational services be necessary to reach an agreement, Mr. Stacer’s services will be paid at the rate of $250/hr. and if the services of Dr. Stacer are required, her rate is $125/hr.