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We believe in a divorce mediation settlement that keeps people out of court. The Team Works Divorce-Paternity Mediation and court filing program offers couples a very affordable way to prepare for and file their own court case. We help you complete your divorce-paternity case and the paperwork, also called your Marital Settlement Agreement, (MSA).

Our Attorney supervised flat fee mediation pricing starts at $1250 (plus the local filing fee paid to the court). We have provided this mediation service to thousands of families successfully since 1991 and do our best to make the process simple.

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The Coparenting classes are designed to help you learn how to disengage from the other parent so that you can focus your attention of being “with” your children, when you are around them, instead of distracted by the fight.

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Affordable Divorce Mediation and Court Filing in San Diego

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Jefferson and Dr. Deena Stacer helped me with my custody issues when my daughter was a child. She is now thirty-six and because of their help I have such a wonderful relationship with her. I also enjoy my grandson (my daughter’s son) who regularly sees me and is such a blessing to me. I would not have ever been able to see him or my daughter if it had not been for the Stacer’s help.
Thank you so much


ErnestProud Grandfather

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