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If you need immediate information or help and you want a focused and strategic discussion to help you with your needs, options and rights as well as to reach your potential goals, you should schedule an attorney-client consultation appointment with Attorney Stacer.  Mr. Stacer will meet with you privately for 75 minutes at a charge of $200.  To prepare for your consultation, you should organize your thoughts, questions and information in advance of your meeting with Attorney Stacer.  Please download the following forms which will help you organize your thoughts and get the most out of your appointment:

Fill out this form and bring to your meeting with Attorney Stacer:

Planning A Settlement

Our many years of experience settling numerous cases and litigating numerous cases enables Mr. Stacer to “predict the way the case will go” based on specific dynamics in each case. We will help you formulate your goals and plans, and work with you to help you achieve them. We are very skilled and competent in the way we manage cases.  We have worked with very simple and very complex issues, involving children, difficult spouses, valuation and division of properties, obligations, business interests and retirement plans.  We are able to suggest creative alternatives to resolve issues that you may not be able to think of, or even think is possible.

Most importantly, we are concerned about our clients (and their childrens’) physical and emotional safety.  It may be necessary to greatly reduce or even terminate contact (in all forms) with the other person/parent when our client anticipates or experiences a difficult interaction or exchange with them.

Sometimes immediate court action is necessary, however, if given time, we would rather “engineer” a resolution to the case so that the client’s goals can be achieved over a period of time and the costs can be managed.  We do not want to have the costs of your case spiral out of control.  With your help we can position your case for settlement with a reasonable spouse or develop a successful litigation case when there is an unreasonable spouse involved.

Trial & Litigation

Although in almost all contested cases it would be best to reach a settlement, it is unfortunate that this is not always possible.  When this is the case you will need an attorney who is a strong and capable litigator to make sure you are treated fairly.  In addition to being an expert negotiator, Mr. Stacer is a highly skilled and experienced trial attorney who will be your advocate.

Additional Family Law Services

Team Works Mediation

The mediation process is a way to help both sides attempt to reach agreement outside of the courtroom.  The mediator meets with one or both parties and provides guidance and insights that can help you work toward the goal of a negotiated settlement.  Even if you do not reach agreement on everything, reaching agreement on those things that you can agree on will make it possible to resolve the rest of your case faster and easier.  Very often, working together to agree on some things helps reduce anger and conflict, and it can promote further cooperation to reach a complete settlement.  Mr. Stacer is a trained mediator and family law expert who is available to act as a mediator to work with you to achieve your goals.  (Refer to the Mediation Services page for detailed information.)

FREE Family Law Education

Attorney Stacer volunteers his time twice each month answering questions at the Team Works workshops that are designed to provide education and answer your questions about Family Law issues and the court system.  There is no cost or pressure when you attend these workshops.  They are open to the public.  Call us at 858-675-9225 for more details and to reserve your space for the workshops.  We offer these workshops on the first Wednesday evening of every month from 7-9 p.m. and on the third Saturday morning of every month from 9-11 a.m.  People are often referred to the Team Works program by the Employee Assistance Programs, Human Resources and Personnel, the court, public agencies, other attorneys and therapists.  (Refer to the FREE Workshops page for detailed information.)

Relationship – Parenting – Child Sharing Education

Dr. Deena Stacer is a skilled parent educator as well as an expert on conflictual coparenting and child sharing.

Deena Stacer helps parents reduce their coparenting conflicts byDr Deena Stacer teaching them skills to protect their children from the fight.  She teaches parents strategies to disengage from each other, and  techniques to keep the children close to the parent throughout and after the breakup.  Parents learn skills to empower their children and control the contact and communication with the other parent so they can remain calm.  Dr. Stacer offers “live” parenting courses and online parenting courses around the world.  The San Diego Courts order parents to attend her programs.  To learn more about her programs, go to The ParentsInConflict coparenting website .

Dr. Stacer also works with professionals who help families involved in conflictual coparenting relationships.  For more information, contact Dr. Deena Stacer at 800-980-0434.

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