Extended Divorce Mediation & Filing Services

Extended Mediation For Marriages

San Diego Team Works Extended Mediation is used when couples (with or without children) need additional assistance with their case, beyond the basic mediation process we offer through our TeamDr Deena Stacer & Jefferson L. Stacer, Family Law Attorney Works Mediation and Court Filing Services.  With Extended Mediation, the couple can still reach an agreement on issues, using additional time with Attorney Stacer acting as a mediator.  The couple may also need or want the assistance of Deena Stacer, Ph.D. to help educate and resolve any child sharing decisions or concerns they cannot reach on their own.

This service is different from our “Mini” or regular divorce mediation and filing services program because the spouses will meet jointly, at least twice, with both Jefferson L. Stacer and Deena L. Stacer, Ph.D., who will jointly mediate any difficult issues related to the case that the couple cannot work out on their own.  If you suspect your case will be complicated, because one of the partners is not ready for the divorce or because of issues that complicate your case, such as child sharing concerns, or property division, you may need the assistance of our team approach to guide your through the legal and psycholgical issues the make a case expensive and delayed.

Jefferson and Deena Stacer are comfortable handling both the simple mediation cases as well as the more complicated ones.  They will assist the partners through both the scary and frustrating stages that occur throughout the divorce, and help you to resolve any property and child sharing issues.

To learn how you can resolve your case through Extended Mediation, contact our office or attend our Free Divorce Information Workshops twice a month to get your questions answered.

Extended-Mediation Fees

  • Divorce With children:  $1875 + Court Filing Fee
  • Divorce Without children:  $1875 + Court Filing Fee 
  • To find current court filing fees, please visit:  http://www.sdcourt.ca.gov

How To Get StartedDocuments You Need To Print

To start the Extended Mediation process with Team Works and Mr. Stacer as the mediator, contact us today.  We will help you file your divorce case and settle it without going to court.  Please download the applicable forms below and schedule an appointment with our office.

Print and complete the following:

Extended Mediation Payment Agreement

Also print and complete the relevant intake agreement form:

Extended-Mediation Intake Agreement “With Children”, or…

Extended-Mediation Intake Agreement “Without Children”

You may fax or email your completed forms to our office.  To schedule an appointment or ask additional questions, please call 800-781-1980 or 858-675-9225.