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San Diego Divorce Mediation and Court Filing Services

Team Works Divorce and Mediation was created in 1989 to offer Divorce and Mediation Services for San Diego County Residents. Team Works has assisted thousands of people with their divorce paperwork and with their family law matters since it opened. We offer families an affordable divorce filing program to resolve their issues with help from Jefferson Stacer, a certified family law specialist attorney, (California State Board of Legal Specialization). Mr. Stacer meets with the couple to help them resolve their case and help them complete the divorce paperwork for filing.

We help you to divide property and debts, resolve child and spousal support issues and set up your child sharing arrangements. The entire case can be settled using our services for a fraction of what other mediation programs charge. We offer you the opportunity to settle your own case, using our skills and expertise as well as our services to help you complete the necessary divorce paperwork, which we file for you.

Couples with or without children can use our program to file for divorce and to resolve their entire case without ever having to go to court or hire attorneys. If parents have conflict over custody, they may want to learn new strategies to end the conflict by attending our FREE Divorce Help, Information, Mediation and Court Filing Workshops on the first Wednesday of the month and the third Saturday of the month.

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