Divorce Mediation

The Team Works Divorce-Paternity Mediation and court filing program offers couples a very affordable way to prepare for and file their own court case. We help you complete your divorce-paternity case and the paperwork, also called your Marital Settlement Agreement, (MSA). Our Attorney supervised flat fee mediation pricing starts at $1250 (plus the local filing fee paid to the court). We have provided this mediation service to thousands of families successfully since 1991 and do our best to make the process simple.

Complete the form to the right or Call us today at 858-675-9225 to get started with your divorce-paternity paperwork. We help you remain in control of your case, while you manage this difficult transition in your lives.

We currently offer attorney flat fee mediations at $1250-without children and $1500-with children (plus the local filing fee paid to the court) for our basic package that works for nearly all situations, with low cost charges for additional time if needed and for other related services such as retirement account division or Deed preparation.