Free San Diego Divorce & Child Custody Workshops

We provide two free workshops every month to answer questions related to:

  • divorce
  • child sharing
  • spousal support
  • division of property

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Watch video to learn how Attorney Jeff Stacer helps people through a divorce.

San Diego Divorce Mediation and Court Filing Services

TeamWorks Divorce Mediation and Court Filing Services has assisted thousands of people with Team Works Divorce Mediation Rancho Bernardo their divorces since it’s inception in 1989.  We help you to divide property and debts, resolve child and spousal support issues and set up your child sharing arrangements.  The entire case can be settled using our services for a fraction of what other mediation programs charge.  We offer you the opportunity to settle your own case, using our skills and expertise as well as our services to help you complete the necessary divorce paperwork, which we file for you.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, in the middle of a divorce or need help with issues that have occurred long after you have finalized your divorce, you should attend our FREE Divorce Help, Information, Mediation and Court Filing Bi-Monthly Workshops to answer your family law questions, such as, “How do you get started with a divorce?” and “How long does a divorce take?” We will help you with answers or resources to resolve your complicated questions such as how to create an effective child sharing agreement, how to determine child and spousal support rights and questions about your property distribution.

Litigation and Attorney Services

If you need to protect your rights, manage a conflictual custody case or have a difficult familyJefferson L. Stacer, Family Law Attorney San Diego law issue you want to resolve, you may need to consult with or hire Mr. Jefferson Stacer to litigate your case.

Our firm handles all family law matters, including Divorce, Child Custody, Child and Spousal Support, Property and Debt Division. Mr. Stacer has been practicing family law in San Diego since 1979. [Read More]

If you need San Diego divorce information or immediate help from an experienced divorce attorney, you will get a focused discussion about your needs, options, rights and goals for resolution with Mr. Stacer.  To schedule an attorney-client consultation appointment with Attorney Stacer, call 858-485-8595.

For more information about our services please visit Our Services Page.

For more information about our divorce mediation and court filing services (without the assistance of an attorney) click here.


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